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The Bedtime Battle

I’m a bit broken this week. Lack of sleep (I thought we were past those days) and tediously long bedtime sequences have stretched me to the end of m...
16-08-2018 21:43

Le Mat de Chanel: Jumbo Luxury Lip Crayon

One of the greatest appeals of this Jumbo Crayon is the fact I can use it as liner and lipstick – I’m always forgetting to throw a lip liner into...
15-08-2018 21:47

Video: New Chanel Makeup & Glowing Skin

I had no idea what to call this week’s video – it’s such a jumble of reviews and demos – and so I pulled out the two features I thought might...
13-08-2018 21:47

Sudden Weather Confusion: What Do We Wear Now"

After a glorious, long spell of hot weather, temperatures have dramatically dipped in the UK, seemingly leaving half the population wondering what an...
10-08-2018 21:45
06-08-2018 21:48

Things I’ll Never Get Around to Making: Part 237

I bought this gorgeous doll-making kit from a little shop near to where I live called POP!. I had no intention of making a doll (it’s not like I’...
06-08-2018 21:48

Life Update: Time, Tears and The Big Girl Bed

This month has been dominated, both emotionally and practically, by the arrival of Angelica’s Big Girl Bed. It has taken up a lot of time, this Big...
03-08-2018 21:48

Favourites: July 2018

It’s spectacular stuff – it brightens, evens out skintone, adds a hint of colour and – most importantly – leaves your face with the sort of d...
03-08-2018 21:48

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Eye Cream SPF15

This Eucerin Eye Cream has been mentioned many times over the past couple of years, but it’s never had its own review page. And seeing as though it...
01-08-2018 21:46

This Week’s Dress…

This week’s dress (seeing as though dress posts seem to be becoming a “thing” on here!) is the print pleat shirt dress from Teatum Jones at Lab...
31-07-2018 21:47

My Skincare Routine: Summer 2018

It’s been over a year since my first (and last)“seasonal” skincare update, so that idea for a regular feature worked out well, didn’t it" Wh...
29-07-2018 21:49

CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25: Affordable Sunscre

I feel as though I’ve almost written an entire review on this sunscreen already, but as the mentions are dotted about in different posts I thought ...
27-07-2018 21:47

COOLA Organic Suncare: Invisible Sunscreen Review

CeraVe* again, I think it’s great) but for just about everyone else it’s an excellent sunscreen that’s completely undetectable. ...
25-07-2018 21:54

The Luna/Lola Wear Anywhere Dress

I feel as though I’m bombarding you with dresses at the moment, but the sales are still on and every time I buy something good it immediately sells...
23-07-2018 21:49

Bum Bum Cream and the Over-Fragranced Time Capsule

I inadvertently opened up what can only be described as a “beauty time capsule” the other day and was almost knocked sideways by the smell that c...
21-07-2018 21:47

Just Call Me Emmanuelle…

Or, if you have a peacock chair that you picked up from a car boot sale for sixty quid (still can’t get over it, I’ll never stop harping on), you...
18-07-2018 21:49

Anthelios XL: The Default Sunscreen

The recent prolonged spate of hot weather has given me a good chance to do some proper sunscreen testing. I’ve tested matte ones, mineral ones, bud...
17-07-2018 21:48

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Summer 2018

But it’s the last bag that I want to talk about here; the one that gets chucked into my suitcase and taken back out again at the end of a trip, the...
11-07-2018 21:47

Heatwave Dresses and the Georgian Fridge

I interrupt what was going to be a stream of beauty and skincare posts (I’ve been testing affordable sunscreens, watch this space) to talk about th...
11-07-2018 21:47

Sunday Tittle Tattle: You Had One Job…

I have something to add to the other week’s rant about bathroom fittings that aren’t fit for purpose– something that winds me up no end. And t...
08-07-2018 21:45

Sex Burns and Sanitary Towels: Exercise with Crilly

I did some exercise yesterday and thus ended the fitness dry spell I’ve been enjoying for well over half a decade. I can account for around three y...
05-07-2018 21:47

Life Update: Magnums, Metaphysics and Possible Death by HIIT

It’s the 3rd of the month, which means life update day. It has been published on the 3rd of every month for well over a year – I changed it to th...
03-07-2018 21:52

One Nil to the Seaside Staycation

I’m still very much undecided as to whether holidays abroad with babies and toddlers are a good idea. There are so many considerations, so many log...
03-07-2018 21:52

Favourites: June 2018

In a Monthly Favouritesfirst, I have included something that only appeared on the scene a few minutes before I started filming. In fact, when I thin...
02-07-2018 21:47

Weekly Window Shop: Statement Lights

So here are some of the statement lights that I’ve found on my many extensive online window shopping sprees. There are a few surprise bargains (rel...
01-07-2018 21:46

Lazy Summer Beauty and the Night Cream from Hell

The other week I stayed overnight at a friend’s house and made the mistake, the following morning, of applying the world’s richest, stickiest nig...
27-06-2018 21:48

My Infertility Story: The Q&A

I had such an overwhelming response to my video on infertility a couple of months ago; so many people emailed me and left comments talking about thei...
26-06-2018 21:49

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Bored of the Flies

There was a news story the other week that horrified me to such a degree that I almost sealed up all of the windows of my house, never to be opened a...
24-06-2018 21:48

Foundation Review: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping St

So the finish is good, then, on the Infallible Stick – so is the longevity. I mean it’s not like Double Wear or one of the thicker, fuller founda...
21-06-2018 21:50

Trends I Can Live With: Side-Stripe Trousers

This go-faster stripes on trousers trend is one trend I can get behind, unlike backless things, “cold shoulders” and anything cropped). And it ca...
19-06-2018 21:49
17-06-2018 21:50

Luxury Summer Skin Prep with Anne Smonin | AD

It seems like only yesterday, but it’s actually a whole year since I wrote my post on the Anne Smonin made-to-measure skincare routine I had been ...
15-06-2018 21:51

Beauty, Fashion and Home Favourites: May 2018

It’s time for the May favourites. A mixed bag again, this month, as I’m featuring more beauty in the 5Most-Usedvideos. So there are two beauty ...
13-06-2018 21:50

Interiors: If In Doubt, Start with the Downstairs Loo…

After dilly-dallying about looking at around five million wallpapers for the hallway, I have made the executive decision to have a little practice ma...
13-06-2018 21:50

Rouge G de Guerlain: Luxury Lipstick Treasure

Goodness me. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the effort that’s gone into designing these Guerlain Rouge G lipstick cases" Rouge G has alway...
12-06-2018 21:47

In Conversation with Mr AMR: Things Can Only Get Better

The idea for this pre-Father’s Day post was supposed to be that things get better with age and that we should embrace getting older and all of the ...
11-06-2018 21:55

5 Most-Used Beauty Products: May 2018

Like the fact that Philosykos Eau de Parfum (115 at Space NK*) is a fig fragrance, which is probably something that people would want to know. And t...
09-06-2018 21:49

Meet Us in the Swag Bag Aisle…

If you were scrolling through Instagram this week, you may have noticed a bit of a commotion going on over some rather nice (very roomy) swag bags fr...
08-06-2018 21:51

The Strange Boring Subject Challenge

I have a new idea for a feature, borne (once again) from the comments section, which is often where I’ll go to if I need some inspiration and motiv...
07-06-2018 21:48

Lumiere Essentielle and The Two New Additions… |

Darphin have two brand new additions to their Lumiere Essentielle skincare range and they are absolutely gorgeous. Luxe-feeling, sweet-smelling and p...
07-06-2018 21:48

The Budget-Friendly Suit-All Simple Cleansing Oil

Simple’s Hydrating Cleansing Oil* other than the fact that it removes makeup well and rinses completely clean; it’s relatively basic, with a grape...
06-06-2018 21:47

Improving on Perfection: l’Occitane’s Delightful

So obviously I’m overjoyed – to cut the world’s longest story short – that l’Occitane have introduced another product to their Almond range...
03-06-2018 21:47

Life Update: Fibs, Bibs and Turning Off the AGA

Those of you who readThe Uphill –the parenting and family blog I write “in my spare time” (haha) – will already be familiar with my life up...
03-06-2018 21:47

Who Needs a Bedside Table Anyway"

I am without a beside table. Have been for quite some time. In fact if you follow me on Instagram then you’ll remember this photo from weeks ago ...
02-06-2018 21:47

Glycolic Peel Pads: The Thirty Day Challenge | AD

Most of you know that my love affair with acid exfoliants – in particular glycolic acid – is fairly long-standing. I like the ease with which an ...
31-05-2018 21:50

Domes of Elounda: The Haute Living Holiday (With Kids)

When Mr AMR and I first had Angelica, we vowed never to take a holiday abroad for at least five years. Just getting to Sainsbury’s was enough of a ...
31-05-2018 21:50

All The Places I Wore This Dress

I was looking through my photo library trying to find a picture of myself holding an avocado (don’t ask) when I noticed that I’ve been wearing th...
30-05-2018 21:46

My Favourite Beach-In-A-Bottle Fragrances

I’m really in the mood for a bit of high-summer fragrance, at the moment. I think it’s because we keep getting these little pockets of surprise h...
28-05-2018 21:51

My Three Key Hair Styles | AD

The smell of Elnett hairspray is the smell of my twenties. The smell of my entire modelling career, really, wherever in the world it has taken me. Be...
24-05-2018 21:47

The High Street Mascara with High-End Performance

Last week I wrote about my non-surgical eye lift revelation which was, probably to many people’s disappointment, simply the power of a good mascara...
22-05-2018 21:47

A Tour of my Kitchen

  “Tour” is a bit of a grand word to use, isn’t it, for what amounts to a quickish snoop around the room that I cook and eat in, but there we ...
21-05-2018 21:49

Bikini Horrors and The Miraclesuit

Before I went on holiday (yes, the holiday post is coming up, I’m still recovering from the night-flight-with-toddler-and-baby) I bought a load of ...
17-05-2018 21:50

The Non-Surgical Eye Lift

OK, you have to bear with me here, because the revelation that follows is so unbelievably obvious I’m almost embarrassed to post about it. What we ...
15-05-2018 21:48

5 Most Used Beauty Products: April 2018

Brain like a sieve… I filmed this video weeks ago and forgot to upload it; my five most-used beauty products for April 2018. A gorgeous healthy-glo...
14-05-2018 21:49

Weekly Window Shop: Guccification

I have been spending a dangerous amount of time staring at various accessories on the Gucci website. Scarves, headbands, belts, costume jewellery, sh...
10-05-2018 21:47

Sunscreen Review: Vichy Tan Enhancing Solar Protective Water

Sunscreen reviews: it’s been a while. Mainly because (until recently) I hadn’t been anywhere hot for almost four years. And to properly test out ...
08-05-2018 21:50

HUGE Announcement: Colab with Little Mix!

Colab dry shampoo brand. It seems like only yesterday that we launched it, with a star-studded party in East London (I had found out that I was pregna...
07-05-2018 21:49

Skincare Review: CeraVe Moisturising Lotion

Here’s a very effective and affordable face treat for you, if you’re after something light, hydrating and sensibly formulated. Suitable for sensi...
05-05-2018 21:47

My Top 5 Favourite Things: April 2018

Hush Dress*: Adidas Gazelles in Pale Grey Suede*: Mum Face by Grace Timothy*: C...
04-05-2018 21:45

The No-Commitment Fringe

Could this be the answer to (possibly) the most frequently occurring hair dilemma known to man" How many times have you heard people (including me) s...
02-05-2018 21:47

My All-White Bedroom: Adding Easy Colour | AD

And so I find myself with a completely white bedroom. White walls, crisp white ceiling, white window frames and piles of ornate coving around the edg...
25-04-2018 21:50

Things Have Got To Change…

My latest video has quite the dramatic title:Things Have Got To Change. It started off as a video about diet and exercise and the fact that I have a...
25-04-2018 21:50

The Statement Jacket (Is Chanely Even A Word")

I love this jacket from LK Bennett. It’s very chic, very Parisian, very…Chanely. Could Chanely be a word" Maybe it would make more sense with a h...
23-04-2018 21:50

Why I Use An Eye Cream: The Car Wash Analogy

There’s an ongoing argument about eye creams in the beauty world; some believe them to be utterly pointless and instead of making the separate inve...
19-04-2018 21:49

An Interiors Tizz and Two Helping Hands

All of this house-styling stuff, this current obsession with Instagram-perfect interiors, it’s driving me to distraction! I’m just so torn. On th...
17-04-2018 21:46

My Infertility Story

The post My Infertility Story appeared first on A Model Recommends. My Infertility Story was first posted on April 16, 2018 at 7:43 am.©2017 "A Mode...
16-04-2018 21:46

Foundation Review: Clinique Even Better Glow

Whilst I continue my epic deliberation over whether I like or dislike Bobbi Brown’sLong Wear Weightless Foundation(even after eight weeks I simpl...
13-04-2018 21:48

The Scarlet Hotel: 2 Days Off Grid

Ah, two days Off Grid. And I know that I’m grossly misusing the term “off grid” here, but it sounds exciting and dramatic and you all know how ...
12-04-2018 21:51

5 Most Used Beauty Products: March 2018

Ah, another delve into the secret world of my echoey bathroom for the Five Most Usedproducts of last month. I bet you’ve been waiting for this one...
11-04-2018 21:51

Giveaway: The Josh Wood Hair Makeover

I know, I know – two giveaways in the space of a week!Ambassador, you are really spoiling us. If you’re in the UK (sorry to all other readers, i...
10-04-2018 21:47
08-04-2018 21:50

GIVEAWAY: The All-Powerful Liquid Gold

Cult Australian skincare brand Alpha-H have extended their amazingLiquid Goldline to include an all-powerful, all-problem-tackling eye cream. Their...
06-04-2018 21:50

Weekly Window Shop: Some Brilliant Best Buys

I did have a Sunday Tittle Tattle scheduled for tomorrow, but it was so ridiculously depressing to read that I had to postpone it. Especially when I ...
01-04-2018 21:53

My Top Five Favourite Things: March 2018

It’s safe to say this hasn’t been the best month of my life; but then again, I think I said that about February, too, and I’m not sure whether ...
27-03-2018 21:50

The L’Occitane Beauty Easter Egg

The Beauty Easter Egg. Will it be the next Beauty Advent Calendar" Because those are now serious business, with limited edition advent gifts and gift...
26-03-2018 21:52

The Protecting, Tinting, Hydrating, Face-Finishing Moisturiz

Writing my last skincare post, the one where I talk about trying to find an SPF that my Mum will wear, reminded me that I had, in fact, made rather a...
21-03-2018 21:51

Take Your Mum To Work Day! | AD

I don’t know whether you saw me mention on my Instagram page (you can follow me ...
20-03-2018 21:52

A Day In The Life: I’m Both Happy & Sad

I’ve temporarily dispensed withA Week In My Lifein favour ofA Day In The Lifein the hope that the content will be easier to digest and perhaps ...
19-03-2018 21:54

Sunday Tittle Tattle: A Hundred Million Voices

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my post about grief; emails, texts, comments and messages have been popping up in their hundreds – almos...
18-03-2018 21:53

Carpet Quandary: Fifty Shades of Grey

We’re trying to choose a carpet for the living room and it’s turning into the world’s biggest faff, partly because I have never known another h...
15-03-2018 21:52

The Work-Life Balance: Does It Even Exist"

This post should be on my other website, strictly speaking; it’s much more concerned with family and personal life than it is with beauty or fashio...
12-03-2018 21:51

Weekly Window Shop: Logos a Go-Go

I’ve become rather fond of a good slogan or logo on a t-shirt. It jazzes things up a bit, elevates the t-shirt from being a plain, utilitarian sort...
09-03-2018 21:57

Home Hair Colouring Just Got Better…

Master of the (hair colouring) Universe, Josh Wood, has just launched a brilliant hair colour range for home use. Actually, it’s more than this –...
09-03-2018 21:57

Skincare: My First Experience with Retinol

I was rummaging about in my office today, trying to prep for a video on a new foundation that I wanted to review, when I came across a smallish box o...
07-03-2018 21:51

Weekly Window Shop: It’s All Yellow

Right. I know it’s snowing in the UK and we’re all frozen into our homes, tapping fruitlessly at the insides of our iced-over windows in the hope...
03-03-2018 21:47

Drop Everything: My Beauty Boxes have Landed! | AD

I wasn’t actually intending to keep these amazing beauty boxes under wraps for quite so long – there were supposed to be lots of cheeky little hi...
03-03-2018 21:47

Most-Used Beauty Products: February 2018

Here it is, as promised, my new “most-used” category; a monthly round-up of the five beauty products that I’ve used again and again. Helpful, I...
02-03-2018 21:47

Non-Silly Face Glow: The Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

One for when your face lacks any sort of radiance and resembles an arid, dusty moonscape (“there’s no life on this planet, Captain!”): Bobbi Br...
01-03-2018 21:51

My Top 5 Favourite Things: February 2018

I’ve changed the format of my favourites video, you may be interested to know. After the roaring success of my17 Most Used Beauty Products of 2017...
27-02-2018 21:47

Confidence, Realness and Beauty with Depth | AD

I think a lot about beauty. Which would seem pretty obvious, seeing as though I spend a huge proportion of my life writing, talking and reading about...
25-02-2018 21:47

Weekly Window Shop: And So To Bed

We now have a bed in our bedroom, which is great news because the novelty factor of sleeping on the floor on a mattress had just about started to wea...
23-02-2018 21:47

Chanel Neapolis: Poudre Lvres

  (There was also a Chanel newspaper in the press pack, which I found wildly impressive, for some reason. We’ve touched on this before, but there...
22-02-2018 21:46
21-02-2018 21:46

My Love Returns…

But then, a shining light at the end of the tunnel, because I started to get some actual real sleep and in the mornings I was able to pay proper atte...
14-02-2018 21:46

Back to Beauty: Darphin Aromatic Renewing Balm

Right. I promised we’d get back to beauty, after my worrying spell of brain freeze, and so please let me introduce you to the little pot of balm th...
08-02-2018 21:49

Week In A Vlog: January 2018

I’ve tweaked the name of my monthlyWeek in My Lifevideos toWeek in a Vlog. I’m not sure how I feel about this decision yet, it was sort of ras...
05-02-2018 21:49

Weekly Window Shop: Things I’ve Bought for the House

Strictly speaking, this isn’t really aWeekly Window Shopat all, is it" Because – even though I did spend rather a lot of time faffing around pu...
31-01-2018 21:50

Chanel’s Summer Brights and A Bit of Colour-Blocking

Inspired by Chanel’s bright and cheeryNeapolismakeup collection, I have been scouring the internet for things that will inject a bit of colour an...
29-01-2018 21:48

Interiors: New House Surprises and Taking My Time

It’s a funny old thing, buying a house. You don’t get to spend much time in it before you do the deal – you go twice, three times if you can wa...
24-01-2018 21:50

17 Most-Used Beauty Products of 2017

Lee Stafford Wonderball Wand*: Phyto 9 Hair Cream*: Colab Dry Shampoo: Glossier S...
22-01-2018 21:52

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White Sands Orchids Oil Review

White Sands Orchids Oil Review

Press Sample (Unaffiliated Links) If fighting frizz and fly-aways is an ongoing battle for you, then I have been having great success keeping these pesky issues at bay withWhite Sands Orchids Oil. This silicone-based hair oil effortlessly... -
The Bedtime Battle

The Bedtime Battle

I’m a bit broken this week. Lack of sleep (I thought we were past those days) and tediously long bedtime sequences have stretched me to the end of my tether. Or stretched my tether" What even is a tether" Whatever (tether), I honestly think that... -
The Beauty Gems I'm Loving For Summer

The Beauty Gems I'm Loving For Summer

Ahhhh summer. I do love you, but boy do you cause me some beauty dilemmas: the constant heat, sweaty tubes, dehydration from not drinking as much as I should, sleepless nights... They all rack up and can play havoc with my body. Now, more than ever,... -
Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder Under Eye & Face

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Ma...

Oh my goodness, this is the dreamiest loose powder from Charlotte Tilbury and it literally does it all! Check outCharlotte’s Genius Magic Powder for Under Eye & Face. I have all the info here with photos and swatches. As a powder-phobe, finding... -
how LED completely changed my skin!

how LED completely changed my skin!

Yes I know…that is a big title and a HUGE claim……but it’s true! It cleared my acne and helps prevent future breakouts, reduced the size of my pores, took away? Read More The post how LED completely changed my skin! appeared first on Hello... -
Bodyography Trifecta Perfecta for Summer

Bodyography Trifecta Perfecta for Summer

Press Sample (Affiliate Links) I was recently introduced to the makeup and skincare brand, Bodyography, and I thought that I would share my initial impressions about the products that I have tried from their range. Their cruelty-free... -
TATCHA INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter | Review

TATCHA INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter | Rev...

Press Sample & Purchased (Affiliate Links) TATCHA, an amazing company deeply rooted in history, continues to impress even the most jaded beauty aficionados with their elegant and highly effective products. Victoria Tsai, the founder and CEO... -
Lancome Hydra Zen Jelly Mask

Lancome Hydra Zen Jelly Mask

Little speedy review for you here. This is an ace little ‘lazy girl’ quick-fix mask.The post Lancome Hydra Zen Jelly Mask appeared first on A Beauty Junkie in London. -
Liz Earle Balancing Gel Mask Review

Liz Earle Balancing Gel Mask Review

If you like lightweight gel textures when it comes to skincare, you will absolutely love this new launch. Check out theLiz Earle Balancing Gel Mask. This is a great pick me up mask and one to reach for if you’re feeling a little tired. Liz Earle... -
Beating My Pregnancy Melasma

Beating My Pregnancy Melasma

After my first pregnancy I found myself with two lines of what I thought was freckles at the tops of my cheeks angling down towards my mouth. I thought it was just sun damage but I pretty quickly learned that I had actually developed some melasma... -

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