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5 Skincare Secrets That’ll Save Your Face

Sometimes, the simplest things are actually the most difficult. For example: our daily skincare routine. Are we even doing it correctly" In what order...
04-12-2018 21:51

Weekly Must-Have: Joanna Vargas Daily Serum

Another day, another serum. But this isn’t just any old serum: it’s, quite literally, the perfect serum for acne-prone skin. I’ve been using it ...
28-11-2018 21:52

What To Buy On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to epic proportions. Rather than spending your time hunting down the perfect deal, your focus should be on w...
20-11-2018 21:56

The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Face Yoga

I recently received a facial from Alicia Yoon, esthetician, product formulator, and founder of Korean skincare haven, Peach & Lily (now also a product...
13-11-2018 21:58

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing seems to be the latest health craze (just take a look on your Instagram feed). While the technique has been around for centuries (it’s ...
23-10-2018 21:58

5 Fall Hair Masks

Considering the amount of havoc we wreak on our hair on a daily basis, we probably only give it a fraction of the TLC it deserves. From highlighting a...
22-10-2018 21:49

Favorites: Thayers Witch Hazel Toning Towelettes

Is there anything better than Witch Hazel" That’s a rhetorical question because, obviously, Witch Hazel is the best toner for every single skin type...
15-10-2018 21:49

Weekly Must-Have: Becca Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve eye shadows, three color schemes, three finishes — that’s what the Becca Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette offers — and I’m loving it. ...
09-10-2018 21:47

Products To Firm and Tighten

So much of our anti-aging efforts are focused on fine lines and wrinkles, when in reality, loss of elasticity and sagging skin is just as troublesome....
09-10-2018 21:47

Why You Need To Incorporate Paula’s Choice Boosters In

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: not all skin is created equal. Even your own skin’s needs change on the daily. One day, you’re...
27-09-2018 21:48

5 New Must-Have Products for Fall

Most people focus their fall shopping on school supplies and clothes, but us beauty addicts have a different MO. As the air turns a bit more crisp, we...
26-09-2018 21:51

The Glass Hair Phenomenon

Glass hair, like glass skin, is in (more on the latter in another post). Smooth, sleek, and shiny, a la glass, is what we’re trying to achieve with ...
25-09-2018 21:53

Weekly Must-Have: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Crea

Similar to Sarah?s predicament mentioned here, I realized a few weeks ago I was overdoing it on the dew-factor. Since incorporating a Vitamin-C serum ...
19-09-2018 21:50

Innovative Products To Keep You Sun-Kissed Post-Summer

That golden glow you got going on, it doesn’t have to disappear simply because summer’s about to become a thing of the past. Fall is fast approach...
17-09-2018 21:48

Weekly Must-Have: Bbrowbar Brow Day Cream & Night Balm

We moisturize every inch of our body – from our toes to our hair – with specific creams for each designated area (neck cream, hair moisture mask,...
13-09-2018 21:46

Hrush’s Makeup Tips For A Flawless Complexion

Celebrity makeup artist, Hrush Achemyan,knows how to create a flawless complexion. She’s worked her makeup magic on the Kardashians, the Jenners, a...
10-09-2018 21:50

Weekly Must-Have: Algenist Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask

There’s been some debate as of late about whether masks are really all that necessary if your skincare routine includes what it truly needs. Debate ...
05-09-2018 21:51

A Fall Hair Look That Works For Everyone

With fall literally knocking on our door, it’s time to start thinking about your fall hair. According to celebrity hairstylist ...
04-09-2018 21:51

Weekly Must-Have Allies Of Skin Fresh Slate Purifying Cleans

I know what you’re thinking: do I really need another cleanser" The answer is yes. Yes, you do. Contributing writer Casey Sharbaugh wrote about her ...
30-08-2018 21:54

A Few Of My Favorite Things: End-Of-Summer Makeup

Summer’s motto is less is more, and although I love a deep aubergine lip or a smokey slate eye, I’m not quite ready to let go of my barely-there m...
29-08-2018 21:49

Why Essential Oils in Skincare Get a Bad Rap

As part of our ongoing discussion about essential oils in skincare products – pros and cons – we asked Estefania Vazquez Conde, founder of The Chi...
29-08-2018 21:49

Everything You Need To Know About Jade Rolling

It’s all over Instagram: jade rollers, that is. Beauty bloggers and influencers are having a moment with this ancient beauty device — and we’re ...
22-08-2018 21:48

The Review: Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

The hype is real, my fellow beauty enthusiasts. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($27) is everything it promises to be — and more. I must admit, a...
22-08-2018 21:48

#Shelfie: June Chow of Project Skin

“My addiction to skincare began when I was in high school, when I discovered the K-beauty brand, Laneige. I remember using a ton of their brightenin...
20-08-2018 21:48

7 Products For Glowing Skin

I was recently interviewed by the new, super cool, no B.S. site, SwearBy, about the products I swear by for a glowing complexion. I wanted to publish ...
16-08-2018 21:46

#Shelfie: My Summer Essentials

Summer skin is fickle and frustrating. One minute it’s sweaty and greasy, the next it’s dry and dehydrated. I play around with my summer skincare ...
14-08-2018 21:48

Summer Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

Summer’s sunny, humid climate can actually dehydrate the skin. Weird, we know. But think about it: the sun is super dehydrating, and then all of tha...
09-08-2018 21:49

Hero Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol

Retinol is one of the few ingredients that is truly anti-aging. If implemented into your skincare routine early on, it is actually preventative. It’...
08-08-2018 21:49

Weekly Must-Have: Dermalogica Bio-Lumin C-Serum

Vitamin C is a one of our favorite, saving-graceskincare ingredients. It?s a must-have for many, thanks to its ability to lighten, tighten, and bright...
07-08-2018 21:56

5 Unique Cellulite Treatments To Try Today

August is prime tanning season. This means bikinis and lots of skin. Unfortunately for us, this skin doesn?t always look exactly the way we’d like. ...
02-08-2018 21:48

6 Reasons To Avoid Essential Oils in Skincare

Many people adore products with essential oils, and several have even reached cult status. But for those of us genetically (un)blessed to have sensiti...
01-08-2018 21:49

Under $10: Sunscreen

Buying beauty product after beauty product can take a serious toll on our bank accounts (UGH). The struggle is real, people. While certain expensive f...
31-07-2018 21:49

Fact vs. Fiction: Aging and Makeup

Aging and makeup: When it comes to makeup for women of a certain age, we’ve all heard the muted rumblings of what is — and is not — acceptable. ...
30-07-2018 21:50

How To Get Your Glow: Highlighters Worth The Hype

No, highlighting isn’t a new beauty craze, but with contouring taking a back-seat for summer, highlighting is really stepping up its game. After all...
25-07-2018 21:56
24-07-2018 21:52

Banter Babe: Clara McGregor

What?s your beauty vibe" My beauty vibe is beachy and natural. What?s the first beauty product you owned and loved" My first beauty product was black ...
23-07-2018 21:51

Products To Brighten & Glow

Black and white with a boost of color: I’m having a love affair with clean, sleek packaging — and formulas that actually work. Today’s theme is ...
19-07-2018 21:49

#Shelfie: New Skincare Musts

Here’s to the old, here’s to the new. The thing I love about skincare is that there is literally a product for everything. And I’m a big believe...
17-07-2018 21:51

Weekly Must-Have: Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Toner Mis

During the dog days of summer, certain things are needed for survival: sunscreen, water, deodorant, ros, and face mist top the list. Why the last on...
16-07-2018 21:52

Bastille Day Bests: Must-Have French Beauty Products

To celebrate Bastille Day (this Saturday), I thought I’d put together a list of my current favorite french beauty finds. My first round-up, 10 Frenc...
12-07-2018 21:49

Beauty Tools Worth The Hype with Vintner’s Daughter Fo

“My beauty philosophy is very simple. I value high-quality, results-driven products that offer multi-correctional performance. To me, that is true l...
11-07-2018 21:49

Banter Babe: Actress Laine Neil

What?s your beauty vibe" My beauty vibe is definitely classic and relaxed. I like to keep my makeup minimal and natural most of the time, with the oc...
10-07-2018 21:50

The List: Products To Fight The Inevitable Summer Frizz

Summer has arrived in full force, bringing with it the usual heat woes. Controlling sweat, shine, and sun exposure are all major undertakings, but kee...
09-07-2018 21:51

In The Buff: Acne-Safe Foundations

Acne-prone skin sufferers (raises hand) can fake a flawless complexion with makeup (thank G-d), but we don’t want our makeup making our complexion w...
05-07-2018 21:50

Mon Shampoing: Personalized Haircare

I have an oily scalp – always have. But my ends are slightly on the dehydrated side, probably due to coloring. Finding a shampoo that works to curb ...
02-07-2018 21:49

The Need For Neck Creams

While our smart phones help us stay connected and offer 24/7 news and what not, the constant crouching, squinting, and hunching is actually aging us. ...
29-06-2018 21:52

Favorites: Sleep Masks For Every Skin Concern

We’ve heard the supposed recipe for good skin time and time again: drink lots of water and don’t skip on beauty sleep. But we weren’t born yeste...
28-06-2018 21:49

How To Get Better Skin: Watermelon

By now it’s safe to say that if K-Beauty is doing it, we’re doing it. Apparently, watermelon is trending in K-beauty, and thanks to Glow Recipe’...
26-06-2018 21:52

#Shelfie: Summer Skincare Staples

For me, summer is equal parts fighting acne and pigmentation (more to come on the latter in a different post) and hydrating the skin, as sun and swim ...
25-06-2018 21:52

Banter Babe: Stella Maxwell

What are your top 5, can?t-live-without products" 1. My Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco Lip Lights. My ultimate go-to beauty look is to play up my lips! I l...
21-06-2018 21:52

An Anti-Acne Skincare Duo That Works

Suffering from adult acne" Join the club. Weren’t we supposed to grow out of the pimply days of our youth" Short answer: no. Some people – myself ...
20-06-2018 21:50

Weekly Must-Have: Clark?s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Eye Seru

As I mentioned here, I have a slight complex about my aging eye area. Dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines are something I worry about on the regu...
19-06-2018 21:51

Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells

I recently received an incredible stem cell facial by the equally amazing – and stunning – Mia Belle of Mia Belle Skin. She has the most beautiful...
18-06-2018 21:51

#Shelfie: Matt Woodcox of Dirty Boys Get Clean

“I always feel the need to start out by saying that I am not a minimalist by any means. I admire people that can have a minimal set of products and ...
15-06-2018 21:53

Shelfie: Matt Woodcox of Dirty Boys Get Clean

“I always feel the need to start out by saying that I am not a minimalist by any means. I admire people that can have a minimal set of products and ...
14-06-2018 21:55

Favorite Clean Sunscreens

Wearing sunscreen to protect ourselves from sun exposure and environmental aggressors is obviously crucial, but can oftentimes come at the expense of ...
13-06-2018 21:52

Makeup Bag: Joanna Vargas

“I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, and I?ve been a product junkie ever since I was a little girl. Creams, bath products, and fragrance are all thi...
11-06-2018 21:56

Weekly Must-Have: Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstic

We love a gloss to plump our pucker, but shiny, gooey lips can lead to summer hair-mouth disasters. Matte lipsticks are trending (lip paints" duh), an...
05-06-2018 21:48

Best Skincare Ingredients for Summer

Skincare ingredients aren’t created equal: some are better than others. Period. While each ingredient has an intended purpose, it really depends on ...
04-06-2018 21:52

Trending: Gel-Cream Face Moisturizers

With summer quickly approaching, our skin doesn’t need the thick moisturizers of winter and fall. Like our shoes, our skincare routine should change...
30-05-2018 21:48

DIY Brightening Body Oil

I’m having a major love affair with oils lately. I’ve researched all of them — carrier oils, essential oils, which oils are best for which skin ...
29-05-2018 21:50

The Five: Memorial Day Weekend Beauty Must-Haves

Memorial Day weekend, a.k.a. the start of summer. If you’re lucky, you get great weather, beach days, BBQ’s, bottle of Rose, and sunny days that t...
25-05-2018 21:51

4 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Beauty Routine

It’s that time of year again…late nights, bare skin, and #summerbeauty, heck yeah! Summer heat is welcomed, especially when it’s poolside, melti...
23-05-2018 21:47

The Sunscreen Diaries

Sun’s out, sunscreen’s on (it better be!). Every summer, a slew of new and innovative sunscreens hit the market, but there are those tried-and-tes...
22-05-2018 21:48

#Shelfie: Casey Sharbaugh

“I?ve always cared a lot about skincare and beauty products in general; I blame my mom. I have vivid memories of sitting on the toilet in her bathro...
21-05-2018 21:51

Banter Babe: Meghan Markle

We interviewed Meghan Markle back in the day when she played Rachel on Suits. And now, the actress-slash-philanthrpist has left her Hollywood job behi...
17-05-2018 21:52

Weekly Must-Have: Londontown Lakur

For whatever reason, I feel completely ungroomed if my nail beds are bare. I truly don?t mind it on other people, and I often even notice nicely buffe...
16-05-2018 21:48

10 Bronzers We’re Obsessed With For Summer

There’s nothing like the month of May to remind us that summer is literally around the corner. We know, so much beauty to get through, so little tim...
15-05-2018 21:51

Summer’s Sexiest Hairstyle

Sun, sea, chlorine — who has time for full hair and makeup during summer months" Both we still want to look done up without actually having to do ou...
14-05-2018 21:51

#Shelfie: Christina Kassi of Beaut Dfil

“I?ve been on a wild journey with skincare since I turned 21 and started showing signs of hormonal acne. I?ve lived with acne my entire twenties and...
09-05-2018 21:52

Weekly Must-Have: Nudestix Brow Wax

It wouldn’t be “a day in my life,” if I wasn’t frustrated with the state of my brows. Thick, unruly hairs that grown down (brutal). Brow gel i...
08-05-2018 21:52

Vitamin C Is Here To Save Our Skincare Routines

We know we have to take our vitamins for better health (thanks mom!), and when beauty benefits come in pill form there’s really no reason to skip ou...
07-05-2018 21:51

How To Get Your Best Lips

Oh, the joys of a plumped, pretty pucker. Just like with your complexion, lips need a thorough prep prior to applying makeup. Sloughing away dead skin...
04-05-2018 21:46

Face Masks to Fix it All

Having an unplanned breakout" Face mask it. Skin looking a bit dull and lackluster" Face mask it. Having a bad day" Face mask it. It’s true, face ma...
02-05-2018 21:48

The CoverGirl x Katy Perry Collection

Katy Perry’s newest collection with affordable drugstore brand CoverGirl will have you rethinking the notion that drugstore equals cheap in dollars ...
01-05-2018 21:53

Acne In Summer And How To Avoid Breakouts

We’ve discussed acne in winter and how to avoid breakouts (recap here), and, while breaking out in summer isn’t exactly novel, it’s still annoyi...
30-04-2018 21:55

Beauty Hack: Glow Up

Who doesn’t love a beauty hack, especially when said hack actually gives you glowy, gorgeous skin and saves you getting ready time" Angela Rosen, fo...
26-04-2018 21:47

Liquid Liners That Work

Cat-eye, kitten eye, winged lines, even graphic lines all have one product in common: a kick-ass pigmented eyeliner. Our preference is liquid, especia...
25-04-2018 21:51

Review: Kourtney Kardashian x Kylie Cosmetics Collab

I’ve been obsessed with the Kylie Lip Kits since Kourt gave me my first one a few years ago. I *literally* got every single one of my east coast fri...
24-04-2018 21:50

#Shelfie: The Products I’m Using Right Now

Another week, another shelfie. I got an amazing Biologique Recherche facial last week at the Ciel Spa in the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. The facialist t...
23-04-2018 21:52

Ingredient Spotlight: Hemp Seed Oil

Acne-prone skin has met its match; when it comes to oils, at least. And, seeing that today is 420 — the annual celebration of all things marijuana ...
20-04-2018 21:49

The Right Way To Cover Up A Zit

Ahh, acne, it’s such a pain in the a^*. And when it comes to covering up those pesky pimples, half the time the makeup makes the blemish look worse....
17-04-2018 21:47

Clean Beauty Swaps

Many years ago, amongst beauty devotees, organic and natural beauty products were admired, but generally paired with hushed comments about their effic...
11-04-2018 21:53

Travel Tips (And Products) For Your Toiletry Bag

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a very, very, very bad packer. Overpacking is an understatement. I envy those who are able to pack for longer...
09-04-2018 21:50

How To Make Your Under Eye Concealer Stay Put

Dark circles do not discriminate… everyone get’s them, and they’re a major pain. Let’s repeat that: Every skin type – from dry to oily – a...
06-04-2018 21:51

Favorite Sensitive Skin Cleansers

Sensitive skin is brutal. Anything and everything can irritate it. Sometimes, you want to just stick a vat of Aquaphor on your face and call it a day....
05-04-2018 21:53

#Shelfie: Adult Anti-Acne Products

Adult acne is a b*^$h! Seriously, though, weren’t we supposed to grow out of our breakouts by now" Truth is, acne can actually get worse as we get o...
03-04-2018 21:51

The Face Masks You Need To Own For A Brighter Complexion

We’re on a constant hunt for products that promise — and deliver — a brighter complexion. An even skin tone, glow-from-within, poreless face, ti...
02-04-2018 21:57

Weekly Must-Have: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Shape and Fill

Another week, another brow product must-have (are you sensing a theme yet"). The quest for perfectly full arches continues… and this drugstore find ...
30-03-2018 21:51

Banter Babe: Ellis Brooklyn’s Bee Shapiro

What?s your beauty vibe" Is there such a beauty vibe as a mood ring" I’m constantly changing up my look. My makeup beauty goals would probably be Ko...
29-03-2018 21:56

Skincare Talk With Biorecept’s Anne Dupouy Camet

We’re obsessed with all things French skincare (click here for our French pharmacy must-haves), so when we discovered Biorecept, one of France’s m...
27-03-2018 21:51

Makeup Bag: Celebrity Makeup Artist Suzy Gerstein

“I am a big fan of non-toxic beauty. There are so many great things happening in the Green Beauty space that it?s an exciting time to support brands...
26-03-2018 21:53

Pretty Palettes For Spring

We, at Beauty Banter, are big into palettes. We love the easy-breazy way a palette allows you to mix and match multiple colors and create a medley of ...
22-03-2018 21:51

10 Hero Ingredients of K-Beauty

Skincare comprised of natural, non-toxic, and healthy ingredients is a must, especially when we consider that the epidermis, the top part of the skin,...
21-03-2018 21:54

A Silver Smokey Eye In Less Than 5 Minutes

Metallics are trending, that’s nothing new. Gold is our forever favorite, but we’re really feeling the silver vibe right now. A little bit Studio ...
20-03-2018 21:55

5 Ways To Use Micellar Water On The Daily

French women swear by micellar water, and they?ve got the complexions to prove it. Micellar water was formulated with the notion that tap water is too...
19-03-2018 21:55

Weekly Must-Have: Lashfood BrowFood Tinted Brow Enhancing Ge

Achievingthicker arches is a constant battle. From magic serums to liners, powders, and brow gels, faking that full brow can seem like a full-time jo...
16-03-2018 21:51

Korean Sheet Masks For Every Skin Type

Some of the most innovative skincare productscome courtesy of hundred-year-old Korean skinpractices. One of our favorite trends is the sheet mask, a...
15-03-2018 21:54

The Review: Nars Narsissist Power Pack Lip Kit

I had never tried Nars’ Lip Pigments before this power pack duo. The lip pigment is basically the same thing as a lip paint – goes on matte, stays...
14-03-2018 21:53

Why You Need To Be Using A Foundation Stick

We all know about liquid foundation that you pump out of a bottle. Then there’s cream foundation – a bit thicker, usually in a pot, that you apply...
13-03-2018 21:52

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